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With WebPhotoLive, your photos taken on the finish line of the half marathon of Boulogne-Billancourt Christian Granger will be broadcasted a few minutes later!

WebPhotoLive's photographers will impatiently wait for you on the finish line so get closer to one of them, prepare your most beautiful smile, check that your bib is very visible, and hup, in the box!

When you're going home, watch your mailbox : if your bib was well identified then you will receive an email which will allow you to visualize your photo of the race. Magic !

On the evening, go to https://semimarathonbb2016.webphotolive.com/ : you just will have to enter your bib number or your name to reach all the photos.


Who is WebPhotoLive ?

It's a team of profesionnal protographers since decades passionate about sport and running.
They cover events worldwide and meet this year on the half marathon of Boulogne-Billancourt to immortalize your exploits !