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Take advantage below from the advice of our sponsor Punch Power, specialist in sports nutrition.

The originality of this method takes place in 3 phases: Before, During and After the effort, so as better to respond to the particular physiological needs from each of these 3 phases.


The composition of the last meal preceding a sporting activity and the moment of its digestion must be carefully worked out. This precaution enables avoiding various annoyances such as digestive troubles, reactionary hypoglycaemia, starving, weakness etc which could result in an unsuitable nutritional strategy. For this, we propose :

  • MaltOtraining to take 2 to 5 days before a competition;
  • BiOdej to take during the last meal before the race;
  • CookY or BiOcake for a solid and digestible meal;
  • The waiting Boisson to drink in the hour which precedes the race, so as to prevent any risk of hypoglycaemia linked to stress.



During the effort, regular refreshment must enable maintaining corporal hydration and supplying the necessary energy for a physical and mental effort. The Punch Power products aimed to be consumed during this second phase enable responding to these pressures. They are :

  • Boisson for the effort, organically and conventionally guaranteed;
  • BiOgel or Speedgel, cereal-based sirop;
  • Flavoured Gels, organic and fruity;
  • Energy bars for moderately intense, long-lasting activities.



Often neglected, the final phase requires particular attention because it is going to enable helping the organism to recover in the best conditions. It is crucial during a series of competitions over several days or after particularly intensive training. Punch Power advises you :

  • Recovery Drink, aiming to restore the reserves of muscular glycogen, to eliminate metabolic waste to reactivate proteinic synthesis;
  • Repair food, aimed are repairing any damage caused by the competition.


The involvement of Punch Power in sponsoring the Boulogne-Billancourt Half-marathon

Punch Power is involved at the side of the Boulogne-Billancourt half-marathon and of its sponsors distributor Passion Running (233, Boulevard Jean-Jaurès - 92100 Boulogne Billancourt) for 3 years, from 2015 to 2017 in aiming at PERFORMANCE FOR EVERYONE and Ethics. Optimum sports nutrition adapted for each one to reach an optimum performance, based on their physical level.


Expert of the natural energetic and precursor of BIO, Punch Power is recognized for its quality and technicity since 15 years. That is why, we wished from this year to focus on the AFTER-EFFORT RECOVERY which is usually neglected by the runners but really ipmportant.



A little more from our sponsor

Punch Power, in collaboration with its partner Passion Running, propose to you 4 « products TEST » sessions for free . The place : Gymnase Paris - 14, rue de Paris - 92100 Boulogne Billancourt  On this occasion, you will meet a nutritionist who will give you the best advice about your training and for the day of your half-marathon (before, during and after).

You will also participate to a draw that will permit you to win a nutrition pack (pack eco-race)

La philosophie de notre partenaire

« Diet which naturally optimises your performance and energy ».